Summer 2011 Begins at Camp Hantesa!

Today, we were so excited to begin Hantesa Day Camp 2011! Campers from Boone and Madrid joined us today for some fun adventures. Ames campers will join us tomorrow, and kids from Des Moines will join us next week after they get out of school. We have a great summer planned, with lots of activities and different themes.

This week’s theme: World Environment

Today’s theme: Forests and Rivers

To get warmed up for a great day at camp, we started today with some songs, games, and a discussion of the week’s theme: the environment. Ms. Domino led a hike to Ledges State Park where we  found animal tracks, birds, sandstone, snails, and more. Playing in the creek bed was pretty fun too!

After lunch, we slipped and slid along a giant slip n’ slide in the friendship bowl at camp. The water was refreshing and the slides were exhilarating. Campers rounded out the day with some volleyball, nature art, and a trip to the Hantesa Trading Post.

We can’t wait for tomorrow!


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