Staff is Complete!

We were very excited today to welcome the remainder of our summer staff to Camp Hantesa. We spent the day getting back into “the groove” of camp. We introduced a new tradition, went on a fun photo scavenger hunt, and played some great games in the pool. We were also very excited to meet our newest international counselor. He flew in early this evening from the UK! As is tradition at Hantesa, we finished the night with the first “Magic Hill” ceremony of the summer. We are very excited to share this long-standing tradition with all of our resident campers this summer.

We will be up early tomorrow getting ready for a fun day at day camp! Some of our newer counselors will be completing a rigorous lifeguard certification course this week. Our barn staff is also preparing for summer riding with a week-long training session.

Those of us not in certification courses are pumped for the week ahead with our Hantesa Day Campers! Can you guess the theme for the week? Find out tomorrow!


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