The Good Fairy Eagerly Awaits Your Return to Magic Hill!

On warm summer nights, resident campers hike up Magic Hill at dusk. We may read stories, sing songs, and take a deep breath as we look out over Hantesa, our second home. At Magic Hill, we also meet the Good Fairy, the ever-present fairy who watches over all of us here at Hantesa and works to make wishes come true.

As we each sit with a candle in front of us, and the sun sets, we make a wish to the Good Fairy and celebrate the beginning of a new week at camp.

The Good Fairy stands in front of a fire sprinkled with fairy dust.

The Good Fairy is waiting, with her arms outstretched and her skirt billowing in the wind, to welcome you back to Camp Hantesa this summer. Register soon for the best summer yet!

Message of the Good Fairy
I spring from the spray on the tip of the crest
Of the billows from out of the blue,
I am bringing a message that says you are blest
By the love that your friends bear for you.
If my arms were as long as the wings of the wind
And I’d stretch them wide away,
I never could hold all the blessings I’m told
Your friends are wishing today.
As long as I stand with this smile on my face
And my arms outstretched so high,
If you’ll think of the friend that sent me to you,
You can never be blue if you try.
-L. Robinson

For more interesting facts about the Good Fairy, check out this article!


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