Support Our National Effort to Acknowledge Our Youth!

Today’s the day! Don’t forget to let the kids in your life know just how absolutely incredible they are! Each year on the third Thursday in March (March 15, 2012), Camp FireUSA wants parents and adults everywhere to let kids know just how amazing and valuable they are. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is a national letter-writing campaign where kids receive letters of support, love and encouragement from parents and adults. It only takes a few minutes to jot a note that will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime. The positive impact of these letters on kids is what Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is all about.

Camp Fire USA wants to honor the children involved in Camp Fire, as well as those not involved in our programs. Adults sometimes forget to stop and tell a child how important he or she is. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day® is a reminder to do just that. A letter is personal, tangible and something a person can hold onto for years to come. Through written words, people can express emotions they may hold back in conversation. Children need positive reinforcement in their lives. The right words of encouragement can come at just the time that a child needs them most – helping the child make better decisions, build self-esteem, and even be more compassionate and successful.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, please take a few moments to write that special note to the children in your lives. Click here to find our Absolutely Incredible stationary. You may print off as many copies as you would like. You will also find a variety of sample letters here as well to give you a starting point and perhaps a little inspiration for what to write in your letter. Unable to print off the attached stationary? Feel free to stop by our office at anytime to pick up as many copies as you would like!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to let those special kids know just how Absolutely Incredible they are!


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