2012 Hantesa Staff Reunion

2012 Hantesa Staff Reunion

Although we were small in number, our first annual Hantesa Staff Reunion (July 5 – 8) was so much
fun! It was great to see camp friends from years past. We had staff attend from California, Tennessee,
Colorado, Minnesota, Australia, and of course, Iowa. Attendees started coming in on Thursday and
immediately joined in to camp activities – swimming, canoe tipping, glass beads, hiking – and, of course,
talking, telling stories, and laughing. We cooked out for supper right off the bat – and although our
menu wasn’t a typical camp cookout meal (steak, vegetable foil packets and cherry cobbler), it turned
out great!

More of us arrived on Friday, and we continued our activities, adding another cookout for lunch –
this time more camp-like – gom, fresh vegetables and Reese’s peanut butter pie. The weather was
challenging, as the thermometer read 100 degrees outside (although we were privileged to stay in
the Variety Club building which was very pleasantly cool!) Mr. Dundee spent most of the day in the
basement of Clayton Lodge, helping Mr. Goby clean out those wonderful rooms where everything
always needs cleaning. (And did that chemical storeroom look good!) At Council Fire Friday night, we
were awarded our special honors for attending the event.

As we talked and remembered all the great times we had as campers and staff at Hantesa, we all
agreed that the history and traditions of our camp are important to us, as they are to all campers and
staff. With the centennial of Hantesa just around the corner, we have to keep telling our stories and
remembering what makes our camp special. History, traditions and rituals are what make our camp
unique and what will continue to bring our campers back year after year.

Saturday evening we were all invited to a barbecue at Miss Suz’ house, where we ate a wonderful
supper, sang songs around a campfire, and reconnected with more former staff as well as some friends
from other councils and camps.

By 10:00 Sunday morning, everyone had left to go home, (or on a honeymoon!).

We all think that this event should definitely be kept on the calendar every year, and will start planning
the 2013 reunion earlier so that more can attend.


2 thoughts on “2012 Hantesa Staff Reunion

  1. I would love to come next year — I need to plan ahead, though, so setting a date early would be good.

  2. Can you add my name to your list of former staff members? I only heard about the reunion by word of mouth. Hantesa holds a special place in my heart!

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