Black Friday shopping?

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed the presence of family and friends this Thanksgiving. Here at Hantesa, we are so very thankful for our energetic campers, our caring staff, our dedicated parents, and our supportive alumni.

If you find yourself turning to Black Friday and holiday shopping, please remember the place you love: Camp Hantesa. Below is a list of items that would help us improve or maintain our excellent programming and beautiful camp, especially for the upcoming winter resident camp and day camps!

Expendable Program Supplies:
– Playground/ 4 square balls (for Gaga ball)
– Tempera paint (wet or powdered)
– Markers
– Masking Tape
– 4×4 or 6×6 tiles to use for crafting
– Leather Rounds for crafting

Other Great Gifts:
– 1 Digital Projector
– Credits for use at hardware or building supply stores
– Young Trees/ Saplings
– Handheld video recorder(s) to record the memories
– One salary donation (a summer staff member makes $150 to $250 a week)
– Digital point and shoot camera(s) for group leaders to document the fun
– 2 sets of wireless speakers

We can always use extra supplies not being used at your household or workplace. For example:
– Reams of printer paper
– Bandaids
– Paper towels
– SD memory cards

MOST importantly, support from our Hantesa family and the manpower and hours from those people keep Hantesa strong. We invite you to contact us to volunteer and to help with projects in camp!

We are thankful for our beautiful camp and the family it has created for the past 93 years. Thank you for being a part of Hantesa!

Happy Thanksgiving!
-The Hantesa Team


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