First day of camp



Hello everyone, before I get into my first blog post I just want to take a second to give very loud HOW-HOWS to Jenna, Miss Ray, for putting in the work to learn how to use wordpress and did the work to get this blog back up, Thank you so much for all that you do to make camp a special place.

So just a few thoughts while unwinding after our first day of camp this summer. It was a beautiful day, everyone seemed in great spirits. This is my 15th opening day as a camp administrator and everyone of them is just as special as the first. So many people have put in so much work in the 274 days since we closed last August. Today wouldn’t be possible without the counselors who give up their summers for the chance to help campers have moments they will never forget and themselves have moments they will take with them forever. The work that our volunteers do who give up their time to make camp so beautiful can’t be understated. People frequently ask what a camp director does when there’s snow on the ground at camp. Without boring all of you by giving a full job description you will just have to believe me when I tell you the work put in during those cold winter months makes today so amazingly worth it.

Of course we don’t have camp without our wonderful campers and parents and everyone else who cares for our campers and sees to it that they are able to join us week after week, year after year. It was great going to the Boone drop site today and seeing kids and parents that we get so close to each summer and of course meeting new campers and their parents. This opening day was extra special for me because it was my first summer camp day as a camp parent myself. Fifteen summers as a camp administrator absolutely did not prepare me for this, even after one day I am starting to experience another way of looking at camp that I simply could not have had before. We definitely need to add plastic bag inside of the backpack to the packing list, those wet pool clothes are a bear to deal with when the campers get home!

The best part of opening day, we get to do it again tomorrow with the campers from the Des Moines Public Schools and then again next week with the campers from the Ames area schools. Whether your camper started camp today, will start next week or will start next month we will treat everyone’s first day as special as our first day was for us and that is what makes this job amazing. Thank you for entrusting your precious cargo with us.


Until next time,



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