Hello again! 

It’s been nearly two years since our last blog post. In that time we have reformatted this site, twice. We vow to post much more from this point forward. Hopefully you have noticed our increased social media presence on our Facebook page, facebook.com/camphantesa, our Twitter account, @camphantesa and especially our Instagram account @camphantesa. We will be adding new features to this site as well including camper posts and a new podcast.

We wanted to post today to talk about the weather, as we did two years ago. Our last weather post was about severe storms, this as you can imagine will be about the impending heat wave. We are well aware of the conditions predicted and we will be taking the following precautions:

  • We will re-educate our staff and educate the rest of the camp community about what they should do for themselves in extreme heat. These things include drinking more water, taking extra rest, applying ice to cool down and if need be laying down in the health lodge or office. Being an American Camp Association accredited camp we use the following as a resource as a guide to dealing with extreme heat: http://www.acacamps.org/resource-library/extreme-heat-preventing-and-identifying-heat-related-illness
  • We will add extra water stations around camp. Additionally we have literally hundreds of water bottles we will give to campers that don’t have them. We also have sports drinks on hand for anyone suffering from heat cramps.
  • We will monitor the temperatures in cabins without air conditioning to ensure those cabins remain habitable. If we deem the cabins too hot we will temporarily move those campers and counselors to air conditioned cabins.
  • We will be adding additional pool time for resident campers.
  • We have decided to forgo resident camp pony rides for the safety of the horses and the campers. We will refund the families who have paid for the rides. We will continue Herman’s Ranch including the horse show on Saturday morning at 9AM.

Thank you all very much for your patience and understanding, if you have any further questions please give us a call at 515-432-1417 or email us at hantesa@campfireiowa.org or michael@campfireiowa.org


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