Horseback Outpost Trip = Incredible Experience!

We had 7 campers join our horseback outpost trip this year. The campers, joined by my Ms. Skittles, Ms. Seal, and Ms. Tiny took our horses and ponies out to Brushy Creek Park for a week-long adventure. The girls covered over 20 miles of trails. In-between riding and caring for the horses, campers learned camp craft skills, went swimming, and formed life-long bonds. Check out the great pictures from Ms. Skittles!

Prepping a delicious trail meal.
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Tent Camping
Swimming at the lake.

The girls prepared a trip song to sing at council fire. Filled with jokes and memories from the adventure, the girls couldn't help but double over in laughter as they sang.
Two campers earned their Gypsy Honors at Council Fire.
One Camper earned her Voyager tie along with Mr. AC.

Check back next year to see what outpost trip offerings we have! It’s a great time to adventure, push yourself,  and gain skills and confidence in the outdoors with camp friends.


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